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North Bay Village, Zip Code 33141
There were 1,730 Rented Listings during the past year in North Bay Village, Zip Code 33141. The monthly rent prices were in the range between $0.10/SqFt and $12.02/SqFt. And the sizes were in the range between 240 SqFt and 12,508 SqFt. There were also 1,883 New Rental Listings during the year, yielding an inventory absorption rate of 92%. Any Inventory Absortion Rate of less than 100% means that inventory is accumulating.

There are currently 573 condos for rent, with prices that range from $0.00 to $10.00 per SqFt, and sizes that range from 300 to 7,642 SqFt.
No. Max Price/SqFt Min Price/SqFt Max Size
Min Size
1,730 $12.02 $0.10 12,508 240
New Rental
1,883 $8.99 $0.10 12,508 240
Rental Listings
573 $10.00 $0.00 7,642 300
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